NAAAAAAA! Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

The Cycle of Fad (Fashion)

Fashion fad appears from space
Hits runway
Gay guys get into it, go out to the bar - get called "fags" by jocks
Artsy creative kids pick it up -get called "fags" by jocks
Creative types' friends start to wear it -jocks restrain from calling them fags because that guy is a friend of a friend.
Creative Type's friend's Jock friend gets into it -His other jock friends call him a fag, but then pat him on the butt and say "I'm just razzing you Bodey"
Rapper wears it
Following weekend bar is overrun by jocks in new fashion accessory
Fad dead
Dad wears it on a Sunday while working on his car
Kid finds it in his dad's drawer, wears it, gets called a fag

The Cycle of Fad (Music)

Musician puts entire life into album
Critical success
Commercial Failure
Music nerds get into it, push it on their friends
Music nerd plays it at a party, jock beats him up
Band's first tour, plays small venue full of hipsters.
Hipsters wear crazy clothes to be sure their presence at that concert is noted by the rest of the hipsters.
Friends of music nerd, and music nerd's girlfriend start to listen to it on their IPod
Rolling Stones publishes an article about band's struggle as undiscovered musical prodigies
Song featured on soundtrack of new John Madden Xbox game
Jocks dig mystery song they've never heard of
Band's second tour, play gigantic show at huge venue. Lead singer looks around at fans
Lead singer gets bummed out, goes crazy, moves to Iceland, OD's on heroine
Dad plays album while working on his car one day
Kid hears it, plays it at a party, gets beaten up by jock

Moral: Dad's = coolest guys on the planet.

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