Doritos Contest - Bryce

Doritos has this new contest where you make up a flavor and then make a video about it. For work I have to go through the submissions all day to find the best ones. They are pretty much all terrible but there is this one kid name Bryce who keeps putting videos up. At this point I think he has five. And they are all awesome. Points of interest...

  • How he reads off of cue cards.
  • His Punisher shirt.
  • Hungry?
  • His facail expression at the end of "Fireball Salsa."
  • "Westcoast Pop" Thank you Bryce for that bullet in my heart?
  • Of course Bryce likes wrestling.
  • Man you'd need a lot of water to eat an entire bag of "After Touch."
  • Close your eyes and picture the effects of "Five Skull Fire Sauce"

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