Having skateboarded since I was 12 some of the best times of my life have been out skating or have been with people I met through skating. During that time i have seen some really funny bails and also seen friends go into seizures/pee themselves from bonking their head. The whole spectrum is there. Its part of skateboarding. just know your limits and don't try stuff your not comfortable with....

anyways i saw this clip a couple yrs ago and just stumbled upon it again.... one thing i learned as i grew to be a bigger wussy in skating: if you don't commit to stuff it is far more dangerous...half stepping can cause way worse bails.

Now I'm not sure if this lad simply doesn't get on top of the rail or if he under-commits and hopes he can just jump past the rail....either way it didn't work out.

Note the pitch go from in pain to flat out scared..... maybe I'm cold hearted but i find the pitch change when he goes from 'raw skater dude' to 'scared child' hilarious....and think of what he's saying...'my nuts'....how can you say nuts and expect to be taken seriously? doesnt seem like the word nuts is appropriate in a time of tragedy.

Don't worry Justin - You'll be fine... I once had a similar experience but it wasn't a rail between my legs but my own board. It ended up going straight upwards between my legs and I landed on it after going off a small kicker jump on my street...I laid on the road in front of my friends and cried like a baby. I remember just laying there being so shocked by the pain. I never thought pain could get so intense....

I eventually stumbled home where I had to then show my dad my bloody choda aka taint aka perineum from behind so he could assess if I needed choda stitches or not.... luckily i didn't....but I still had to bend over, lift my balls and show my dad my bloody choda....probably the worst 15 minutes of my life....and worst skateboarding experience I can remember.


  1. That's what the kid gets for having Scott Stapp hair.

    man, I forgot about the choda incident. now you've red eyed your pops and airport security.

  2. that is true... 2 people you would have never imagined you would give a red eye to. cops and your dad...