I dont understand the buzz around this 'Pants on the ground guy' ..... Nothing will ever compare to Leroy Wells

2 years ago Alabama's Leroy Wells and his crew wandered down to the audition high on life (and sizzurp) and performed. I personally think he should have advanced. Most entertaining performance in the history of the show....unfortunately he didn't get past the audition...its too bad. He actually ended up getting arrested before his audition even aired. He watched his own amazing performance from jail where he was due to charges of assault and firing a weapon....true that's real.

Things to note while watching:
a) how awesome him and his crew's entrance is
b) he pops the police officer's collar
c) you can barely make out what he's saying but at one point he admits that him and his dad 'aint makin' no money - so they gotta put him on TV'
d) he doesn't know the words to the song he performs
e) how much Paula loves it - (she's high to)
f) his face after asked if he can actually sing
f) how much energy he brings to the table

CAN YA DIG IT?!! ...i can


  1. y'all don't want me to go to hollywood, cause y'all know i'm a take ova!

  2. why is Dane Cook in your mast? what happened to the Robocop template