So i went to the gym last night (ya ya, I'm a jock...(that loves the smiths and sometimes feels like he could cry when he see's people happy-cry or at the end of district 9 when he makes the flower out of tin can shreds..(emo-jock))). Anyway - while i was stretching there was this Asian looking dude stretching beside me....not only could he do full on splits.... but eventually he just went into a handstand... straight up, just on his hands balancing, like no big deal.....THEN he started doing upside down push ups in the hand stand position, like the 'Chinese push ups' my break dancing teacher* made me do against the wall 10 years ago.... BUT WITH NO WALL SUPPORT - JUST STRAIGHT NINJA was amazing...

The whole gym secretly looked at him like 'what the fuck?', but tried to play it all cool, like they had seen that before.... no they hadn't...i wanted to walk up to the rawest jock in there and say "a ninja just graced your presence, that's never happened to you....applaud his moves"

Then i worked my arms and back and realized i am too weak to ever be a ninja.... when i was young i watched a lot old martial arts movies**, all i ever wanted was to be a ninja....i wonder if that guy had the same dream.

* TRX was incredible, it sucks there's no money in breaking
** i always thought the super high jumps were a great part of those movies - like when he jumps over the gates. one of my best friends when we were young believed it was possible and with enough meditation you can jump into trees. seriously.

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