Check Please - Life (Easy/Hard)

I saw this dude walking around Queen Street hunched over and bawling his eyes out. Being the jaded person I've become I was like “oh here we go, another bum doing the crying scheme.”

Then he walked right up to me and was like "Waaaaa! good day sir do you have a light, Waaaaa!" but when he talked between his tears of terror, he sounded like a perfect gentleman. And then he started talking in his gentleman voice while crying at the same time, I don't know how he was doing it, it was like Rahzel but replace the beats with screams. "ThankWAA!youWAA!goodWAA!sir" He wasn't even asking for money, I can't begin to imagine what was going on in that guy’s brain.

What I want to know is why that guy even wakes up in the morning. Why would you get out of bed only to face a living nightmare everyday? What possible good is going to come of that day? Are you going to get a nice job? Party with your buds? Meet a cute girl? Nope, Nope and definitely nope.

This is going to sound harsh but what’s the point of a guy like that living on this earth, what could he possibly contribute? Was God super tired or hung over that day and just slapped him together and was like "Meh good enough, I'm going to bed". He’s old too, how has he not just gone, "God what is my purpose!!? Fuuuuck youuuuu!"… pizza wall.

I always look at life like it’s a video game, like you die and wake up in heaven to a game over screen. Then you watch your life highlights check out your high score, then you're like “sweet” and hit retry. When I see a guy like that I always think, he died and was looking at his amazing previous life where he was a super good looking movie star millionaire that banged a thousand chicks and was like "Man that was easy, I'm awesome at this now”, and then he went into the settings and changed the difficulty "easy, medium, pssff I got this, hard" click "Aaahhh! living nightmare!". Like being born into a Dragon Force on expert version of life where each note represents pain and terror.
"AAHHH kill me kill me kill me kill me kill me kill me!"

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