Check Please - Invention Proposal (5/10)

An inventor after my own heart

One thing that you may not know about me is that I'm a basement inventor. Its part of my family scheme gene, if you ever come to diner at my house get ready for an overload of half brained schemes that me, my brother, dad, or even more so uncles have decided are million dollar ideas that will change the world. Ideas we of course have no intention of following through on. Or at least have an intention to until the next world changing ideas pops into our head, which happens about every 16 minutes. I could devote an entire blog to the ridiculous concepts that come out of any family gathering.

I just thought of one today about an hour after eating an Italian sausage with onions, hot peppers, mayo and bacon bits. I give you.

Stomach Wash

Not sure what this picture is of but I think it gets the idea across

You know when you eat something and it just sits in your stomach and every ten minutes you burp it up. No matter how much gum you chew it can never take care of the underlying problem that the limburger onion sandwich you had for lunch is just floating around in your stomach like a little stinky boat. What they need is a mint or drink you can swallow and swish around in your stomach, kind of like a freebreeze for your guts.

Shouldn't he be crying in terror?

I can no longer eat Pizza Pizza garlic dipping sauce, something I absolutely love because it gives me garbage burps for a full 12 hours after eating it. Combine stink gut with beer and you'll spend the night burbing in the bathroom. One time it got so bad I tried to burp through my straw and into my rum and coke in hopes of it filtering the stench, but all that did was purified it like weed smoke from a bong and filled the room with a clean/super intense essence of garlic and pepperoni.

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