I'm super bad at grocery shopping so whenever i have leftovers its like Christmas to an 8 year old. I spend most of my money eating out. Although I'm pretty poor, I eat like i'm ballin' outta control - keeping me poor. This aft I had lamb shank in a dijon sauce at jolly's for lunch. It was great. Anyways, tonight i ate a veggie casserole that had been in my fridge for a week. Afterward i blacked out.

It was more like a sudden sleep spell. I decided to push my luck and try to extend it into a full on sleep (it was 9:30). Just after midnight my body rejected me and I woke up as if i just had the awesomest nap. Usually i go to bed really late so my body was just too confused and screwed me over.

Now facing a not-by-choice all nighter i decided to address the shitty weather that's approaching and make a list of things to do to avoid the winter darkness.


so far i got:

1. become a full time gamer
2. get a new pet... pet.... pet...
3. car surf (like teen wolf)
4. grow wings
5. get an electric drum kit and make music
6. function over fashion
7. booze
8. become a gym rat
9. those last two are opposites, i know - its a brainstorm though
10. brainstorm more
11. learn Spanish
12. stay in bed
13. fake fly away in a helium balloon in a national headline and then accidentally bust your parents on live TV because your 6 years old and so emotionally drained from your deadbeat parents that you forgot the lie they told you to use.
14. build a giant snow fort in front of the house and challenge my neighbor's kids to a snow duel
15. go to more shows
16. get better at catwalks
17. find a good tailor
18. cook
19. roll a giant snow boulder down Roncesvalles and quiet all the noise
20. get more than 5 hrs sleep on work nights.

If i can do 4 of those I think I'll make it....