Tonight (10/10)

"What are you doing tonight?  Want to come to my house for a sleep over.  My dad can drive us to Jumbo and we can get a game.  Lets drink a bunch of jolt and try and beat it.  There's a new awesome game that just came out, I can't wait to play it.  Nintendo power gave it a 9/10. Then at midnight we can look for boobs on showcase.  Bring your game Genie."

I remember renting this game with my buddy Matt Kirkham in grade 7, we played it for like five minutes and were like, "fuck this".  I also remember clearly that we were both sitting on his couch smoking cigarettes at the time.  We were twelve...and his mom was home, she didn't care.

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  1. if you flipped the bird with the power glove in double dragon 2 you did a sweet jump kick