Check Please - Lights

As you may or may not know I work at MuchMusic, the other day I was walking through the hall and came face to face with the cutest Canadian singer out right now... well besides Getty Lee of course.

I may have been imagining the whole thing but I'm pretty sure we locked eyes for like 2 seconds. Thinking I was hot shit I wrote my Girlfriend

"Lights just checked me out, think you may have some competition"

Turns out my GF knows one of the dudes in her backup band and wrote him.

"Hey my boyfriend just told me Lights checked him out"

So the dude goes up to Lights and tells her some guy in the building has been going around bragging to everybody that you checked him out in the hallway, she said she had no idea what he was talking about. Seeing how it was just me and her in the hallway one on one, I'm pretty sure she knew it was me that said it. And then the worst part was I bumped into her again later that day, she looked right at me and all of a sudden this white flash appeared and I spontaneously turned into this.

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