Stella Mcartney, you should be fired from everything. Is this a practical joke?

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This is another angle of what happen at Dan's new house the other day.

Like this?

Jealous ?


When did Lindt come out with the apple sized milk chocolate ball hand made by the chef in to a perfect sphere?!?


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Buyer Beware

After a lot of excitement, fear and anxiety I moved out of the condo and in to a new home.

After a couple nights i settled in like "ya, you know what this home life is gonna be alllriiight"....then this happened...

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Went Antiquing - Think I succeeded

We're back!

When you find a hot girl who's also cool and funny.

Alien Tree

Forgot to empty the coffee tray for a month and it grew this weird alien tree. Wonder what would happen if I planted it and nurtured it and tried to make it grow huge.

Look at that lil' alien buddy.

Biking home after Thanksgiving

This hair's like "Fuck you bitch I grow where I want, come at me bro"

Reaction Gif

Made this awesome gif from a PSA I stumbled upon during a deep youtube hole. 
This kid is awesome.  Feel free to caption.

Aunt Patty

Let's you buy Cookie Crunch and rents Robocop for you.

-Credit I_Killed_Minnie_Mouse


It's amazing you can ask a computer "longest starbucksnoder" and not only does it know what the fuck you're talking about, it has the answer all ready in the hopper. Sidenote: gonna try this.


This is Max. My wife fed him one day and now he shows up every morning and meows into the window until we go out and bring him food.

Breakfast pogo stick

I really want to try these but 12 pogs is a big commitment.


Gif dump

nature is awesome

I was up north for the weekend and i was reminded.